Beauty Science Labs UK

Why We Exist

Beauty Science Labs UK, a Research & Development Consultancy that opened in 2021!

With a single goal to make the market more accessible to indie brands. 

With 12 years of experience, we develop and formulate a variety of personal care products (Skincare, Bath & Body, Colour Cosmetics, Men’s grooming, Spa, Hand & Nail care etc)

Toxic Marketing has no place in our company culture as we firmly do not believe in selling dreams. The formulas we develop are 100% chemically sound!

A place where innovation, sustainability and efficacy takes the highest priority. 

Founded by The Beauty Chemist, a passionate scientist who enjoys having a creative play on raw materials and weaving in the right textures and ingredients into a brands story. 

“I really enjoyed my consultation, It was informative and helpful. It also gave me a realistic expectation of what it takes to start a cosmetics line. If I hadn’t of had the consultation, I am sure I would have wasted precious time and possibly money!”

Ashley Bannerman, British Actress